Licenced, Bonded, Insured Services

We take the utmost care to provide highest quality workmanship and a safe working environment.

Chimney Repair & Rebuilds

One of AVENUE ROAD MASONRY’s most requested services; involves repairing, or rebuilding, of residential and commercial chimneys throughout the GTA. (Click on the image for details)

Fireplace Repair & Replacements

A fireplace represents the focal point in many living rooms, and basements, in homes throughout the GTA. (Click on the image for details)

Masonry & Brick Repair

Brick deterioration can be observed commonly on homes and buildings throughout the GTA. (Click on the image for details)

Stone Work

One of the most beautiful and natural materials to work with is stone. Properly done stone work requires highly skilled masons whom have specialized training in their craft. (Click on the image for details)

Concrete & Parging

A popular service request at AVENUE ROAD MASONRY; is for the rehabilitation, or installation of concrete walkways, poured concrete stairs, and patios. (Click on the image for details)



The foundations of homes and commercial buildings should be inspected annually to identify cracks or fissures in the block, or poured concrete walls. (Click on the image for details)



You shouldn’t have to compromise on masonry products or service quality because of the price. Experienced home and building owners know that you get what you pay for. With AVENUE ROAD MASONRY you can afford the best masonry service in the GTA. We have several payment options.


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Common Defects in Brick Masonry Due to Workmanship

Common Defects in Brick Masonry Due to Workmanship

August 18, 2020

Brick masonry is a craft which takes many years to become proficient. Typically the trade is passed on from one generation to another, and likely represents one of the oldest trade professions known in countries across the globe. An experienced brick masonry specialist will tell you that after decades in the trade, one can recognize […]

What Is Foundation Waterproofing?

What Is Foundation Waterproofing?

July 20, 2020

Many clients inquire about the process involved to complete foundation waterproofing. The first step is to define what the purpose of the activity is. Simply put; foundation waterproofing involves the prevention of groundwater/moisture, penetrating through a building’s foundation walls, which can result in damage to interior spaces below grade (such as basements), and preventing the […]

What Are Different Types of Brick Masonry?

What Are Different Types of Brick Masonry?

June 18, 2020

Within the mason’s craft there are many service offerings pertaining to the subject of brick work. Each category of work in relationship to brick masonry has its’s own unique, but sometimes similar skill set requirements. The categories of brick masonry include new build brick construction, restorative brick work, heritage brick work, chimney construction, repair and […]