One of the most beautiful and natural materials to work with is stone.

Properly done stonework requires highly skilled masons who have specialized training in their craft.
Having the ability to cut and fit a product that is non-uniform in composition, and to blend colour variation so it looks correct, takes years of training.

Natural Stone is quarried from various regions throughout Ontario; and therefore provides a unique visual effect that enhances the appearance of traditional, heritage, and contemporary homes alike.

Cultured stone (man-made); represents a less expensive alternative for those clients that seek an upscale result, but at a more budget-conscious price point.

AVENUE ROAD MASONRY is proud to have experienced stone masons; whom are capable of anything from facing an entire home, to accent features such as stone columns and custom fireplaces. Popular today, are outdoor stone grills, and kitchen environments; where the beauty of stone can be viewed poolside, or as a key backyard feature.

Another popular service is the installation of stone walkways, retaining walls, and fire pits.

Stone can be installed to update the look of interior fireplaces and feature walls.
Need repairs to your existing stonework?

Contact AVENUE ROAD MASONRY for a consultation for stonework throughout the GTA. Please view our testimonials which discuss our quality and customer satisfaction.

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