One of the most beautiful and natural materials to work with is stone.

Properly done stone work requires highly skilled masons whom have specialized training in their craft.
Having the ability to cut and fit a product which is non-uniform in composition, and to blend colour variation so it looks correct, takes years of training.

Natural Stone is quarried from various regions throughout Ontario; and therefore provides a unique visual effect which enhances the appearance of traditional, heritage, and contemporary homes alike.

Cultured stone (man-made); represents a less expensive alternative for those clients that seek an upscale result, but at a more budget conscious price point.

AVENUE ROAD MASONRY are proud to have experienced stone masons; whom are capable of anything from facing an entire home, to accent features such as stone columns and custom fireplaces. Popular today, are outdoor stone grills, and kitchen environments; where the beauty of stone can be viewed pool side, or as a key backyard feature.

Another popular service is the installation of stone walkways, retaining walls, and fire pits.

Stone can be installed to update the look of interior fireplaces and feature walls.
Need repairs to your existing stone work?

Contact AVENUE ROAD MASONRY for a consultation for stone work throughout the GTA. Please view our testimonials which discuss our quality and customer satisfaction.

What is Tuck-pointing?

What is Tuck-pointing?

January 5, 2021

Simply put; tuck-pointing is the process of repairing deficient mortar joints between courses of bricks on a chimney, exterior masonry building walls,brick piers or masonry retaining walls. The process also involves the removal of individual bricks which exhibit shaled surfaces, cracking, or where the inner core of the bricks is exposed. The process of completing […]

Foundation Cracks – How To Fix It

Foundation Cracks – How To Fix It

December 18, 2020

For most people, the observation of foundation cracks can be very un-nerving. The good news is that foundation cracks can be fixed. In some circumstances foundation cracks are not a big concern. If you have poured concrete basement foundation walls; long vertical hair-line cracks are a common result of moisture drying out of the concrete. […]

Natural Stone Benefits

Natural Stone Benefits

November 20, 2020

As with most things found in nature; it is hard to beat the appearance and durability of natural stone. Used for literally thousands of years, natural stone has been utilized both for indoor and outdoor decoration of floors, walkways, interior, and exterior walls, facing fireplaces, and the list goes on. Ontario specifically, and Canada in […]