Brick Restoration: Why Choose AVENUE ROAD MASONRY?


When thinking about any type of brick restoration work in the greater Toronto area, home or building owners can find it challenging to choose the right company to complete such work.

It is first important to note that Toronto is blessed to have many good masons living in our city.

Although there are highly skilled masons available, there is still a shortage; and particularly among young people; whom are not drawn to trade work generally; unlike a generation ago and prior.

Generally, construction demand remains high in most Canadian cities, and Toronto is very stable when it comes to consistency in work volume. The result is that good masonry contractors are very busy, and new construction development consumes a great number of people in the masonry work force.

For retro-fit and renovation masonry requirements, the pool of talent becomes even smaller. One could consider among this group of masons, those that are skilled to complete stone work, chimney rebuilds, tuck-pointing work, etc. on older and heritage properties around Toronto.

Becoming a seasoned, skilled trade person is a time consuming pursuit all on its own. Running a business successfully requires a skill set that many in the masonry trade learn through hard knocks; with few having been fortunate enough to have the time and study, to devote to the mastery of running a business well.

Why is it important to consider this? Because this fact could apply to many trade centric businesses. So from the consumer’s point of view; most people expect a good job. Most consumers expect to deal with a reliable and stable firm that will be around to honour their warranties.

If we accept these statements to be factual; then one would conclude that the most talented trade people either work for themselves, or they work for a company that rewards their experience and talent, and dedication.  The best of anything tends to be in short supply.

AVENUE ROAD MASONRY are fortunate to have two generations of masons (father and son) engaged in daily field operations of the business. Their proven skills have attracted high caliber masons and apprentices over the years, who can learn directly from the experienced owners, and who work alongside them in the field. The other owner focuses on estimating and customer service, supported by representatives who also have a background working in masonry.

Being financially stable is important both to their workforce and their clients. From the mason’s point of view, steady work and pay cheques that can be depended on, provide stability for their families. From a client’s point of view; being financially stable translates into the fact that the company will remain in business for the benefit of warranties and future service.

AVENUE ROAD MASONRY, a subsidiary company of AVENUE ROAD ROOFING®; which has a proven track record in the GTA of over forty-five years with family owners; further promotes confidence for the benefit of the public. A distinct advantage is one source responsibility, where a client does not need to hire different vendors to, for example; make the base of a newly rebuilt chimney water-tight to the roof assembly.

Experience shows when watching AVENUE ROAD MASONRY crews completing a job. The focus is on high quality workmanship that is aesthetically pleasing, clean work sites, safety, and value.

While they are not characterized as the least expensive option; the value proposition of “you get what you pay for” rings true, as verified by the numerous Home Star™ reviews, and “Best Of Awards” won consistently year over year.

AVENUE ROAD MASONRY remains an attractive choice for consumers, alongside many other good masons in the GTA; or as one owner Robert Grantham puts it “ our other mason brothers..”

Grantham goes on to say “ masonry is one of the world’s oldest professions..”

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